We go with the time and work clockwise for your success

We do not waste your time, we like to be with you in time

We are the first global

Modern Music Production & Modern Music Label

of its kind

We make sure you earn 100% Royalties and at least 80% sales revenue

and receive a high qualified production and support management combined with professional conceptionell promotion.

We take note of every detail and will transform your idea into a profesisonal master work bearing your name.

We do not create soapy bubbles -

we strive to achieve the right result for a perfect success.

We work in harmony with your own ideas and preferences

Stop flipping back and forth like with the pages in a book

We steer your project, work, career the right way -

in order for you to establish what you long for.

Well spread is the production of your work, an overall enrichment

Allow us to brighten up your success now

and you will never like to miss our support

Established in 2002

We are on the global market as music label and production

We aim to establish a successful production and guide, support and lead your project and career

We are a global production company and work with well established singers, bands and musicians together, in order to get their records produced the right way, and to make sure success is having a meaning.

It is with the idea and writing the lyrics of a song, for which we love you to bring yourself in. We give full support and guidance to make your work authentic as possible, and a real and unique element of your career and records.

The recording, mastering and the entire production process is at all times overlooked and guided by our professional producers. We will never keep our eyes off it to ensure of a professional qualified production.

We will also work as a co-producer together with a studio of your trust or together with the other producers but we will always be the head of the production to allow your success to blossom.

We are a tact giver you can trust because we opperate on a top level basis and have the best of the best within our team due to the fact that we are operating global, and many music industry porfessionals are within our group, and formed up partnership with our production and lable since 2002.

It would not be beneficial for you to know with whom we work

We do not need to brag about

But it is beneficial for you to know how we work

When quality matters you need a partner on your side that got the right amount of understanding and a professional balanced farsightedness in order to help you accomplish your aim.

We have many years of experience

It is your turn now to make this your own.

We produce your album, single and music career with full management, support, guidance and assistance that goes far beyond of what most other music label and music producers offer. We go beyond the extra mile in order to assure a qualified production.

We have supported, since 2002, in over 292 countries more than 3460 solo singers, 265 Groups, 1270 music bands and many other musicians who realy love the way we establish perfect created records.

We guide you, produce and support your work and career arround the globe



We are still in the updating process of our newly launched website

and add more informations at any time.